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Ahmed Abduljalil Radman

Abdul Galil Radman Group of Companies

Ahmed Abduljalil Radman Ahmed Abduljalil Radman
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    Professor / Ahmed works as deputy director of Sana'a Branch Abdul Jalil Radman, a leading Yemeni company specializing in the manufacture and import food mainly, and many other products ..
    The company was founded in 1970 in the city of Hodeida, and has a capital of the company currently (400,000,000) million and engaged in import and export and the number of employees by about 160 employees and workers, the company is an authorized agent for a number of different products.
    The company has many agencies and Arab and foreign companies in various industrial and commercial areas. The company has branches in: Sana'a - Taiz - Aden.
    To connect with the company: 01536462

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    تجارة عامة

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