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Ahmed A. Bazara

The commercial center of cars

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Ahmed A. Bazara Ahmed A. Bazara
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    Professor / Ahmed Abu Bakr Bazrah Vice Chairman commercial center for cars and engines
    Which it was established in 1956, at the hands of Mr. Abu Bakr Omar Bazrah, a business pioneers with distinct visions, which is highly regarded among Yemeni citizens. Commercial center and it is one of the branches of the old Bazrah company in Aden, which has worked in the areas of timber and food for more than two hundred years, until the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century witnessed the transformation of the company to import harvesting machines and trucks from the United States, and cars Srmza from Czechoslovakia, known now Czech Republic.

    Commercial center has continued to grow under the wise leadership of Mr. Abubakar Umar Bazrah care, permanent look to the front, where the mall to import the first Msearh Land Cruiser (PJ category) in the port of Aden in 1956, and the State of Yemen during that period, the ninth largest importer of cars in the world. Toyota's popularity has increased by a large margin during the period of the sixties, and continued to the car Land Cruiser for her career are very popular among Yemeni citizens.

    During the period from 1970 to 1990 and continued to the mall for cars and engines to expand its branch network in other cities such as Taiz, Hodeidah and Sana'a, it has also added the mall management in 2001 other typical showroom in Aden, in fulfillment of its commitment to the customer. In 2006, the center added facility 1 S highly developed in Sanaa.

    Commercial center in 2006, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment in Yemen, continues mall currently upgrading new heights of success in light of the vital ambitious young actors to Mr. Aidroos Bazrah leadership, the Executive Director. The commercial center for cars and engines are currently the most famous and reputable institutions of the country, and he has a very strong brand, and its more than US $ 300 million size.

    The mall is currently diversifying its core business of automotive distribution in Yemen, to commercial activity another essential, including lubricants and car accessories and equipment garage and paints cars and products finishing cars, in addition to fisheries, banking, insurance, steel manufacturing and industrial gases, medical and energy management, in addition to being the sole distributor of diesel engines Yanmar Marine in Japanese.

    To connect with the company: 01433260

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