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Mohammed Fouad A. Sabeha

sabeha Trading Company

financial and administrative manager

Mohammed Fouad A. Sabeha Mohammed Fouad A. Sabeha
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    Treats Dr/ Mohammed financial and administrative director of the swimmers Trading Company, which drenched Trading Company was officially established in 1955 in the port city of Aden booming and which was then a British protectorate by three brothers Ahmad and Hassan Abdullah, and the focus was on fabrics and cords trade, and in 1963 moved Company drenched trade to the port of Hodeidah, Mdhanin so a new era for the company drenched Trade. Where is today one of the most prestigious and successful companies in the Republic of Yemen. And it includes the areas of the company's diversified business activities, distribution of products and brands manufacturing activities. And it belongs drenched trading company into one of the most successful and distinguished private collections in the Republic of Yemen and that interested in supporting the pillars of the national economy. .
    To connect with the company: 01201319


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    سيارات سوزكي

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