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Aden Office


Aden considers the economic capital of the Republic of Yemen. Where Aden has represented in its history the link between the East and the West in the way of international trade. Today sons of  Aden especially and the people of Yemen in general hoped  that this role will get back to the governorate of Aden. From this point a decision of  the establishment of Yemeni Business Club office in Aden was made the direct contribution to achieving this ambition that everyone hoped .


Goals of the office:

1. Promote trade and social ties among members.

2. Expand internal and external relationships.

3. Support the province's economic and development issues.

4. Contribute to the improvement of the business environment.

5. Members building capabilities in fields related to their work.

6. Promoting community to contribute to the private sector and encourage social responsibility.




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Republic of Yemen – Diplomatic Zone, Close to Raha Rental Cars Company.
Villa No. (50).
PO Box: 15539
Tel: 440360 to 444910
Fax: 440207