For achieving the purpose of YBC's vision, mission and goals . YBC have created many of the implementation units under the management of CEO, who is the first official of those units as followed : 


  1. 1- Membership Unit


  3. 2- Business Development Unit


  5. 3- Businesswomen Unit


  7. 4- Business Family Unit


  9. 5- PR Unit


  11. 6- Financial & HR Unit





Eng. Ghadeer A. Al-Maqhafi


 Acting Ed for YBC and its entities 


Eng. Ejlal A. Al-Wadei



Muath M. Al-Abed



Eng. Safa A. Al-Sayaghi



Programs- coordinator of the Yemeni Institute of Directors (YIoD)



Project coordinator for Business Support Center (BSCY)



Consulting coordinator for the Yemeni Institute of Directors (YIoD)




Ghamdan M. al-Hadabi


Riyad Al-Humairi


Fouad A. Al-Sanani


Service and Logistics


Financial officer


Human and financial resources