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Sami Abdullah Naji Sabeha

SAS Cargo Services

Sami Abdullah Naji Sabeha Sami Abdullah Naji Sabeha
  • Brief description

    One of the SAS group of companies for trade and services. This company specializes in providing air, sea and land freight services, customs clearance and transportation

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  • Main product

    ساس هي مؤسسة خدمية تقدم خدمات شحن، تخليص جمركي، نقل، بريد سريع، تخزين. شركة ساحه إخوان هي شركة تجارية تعمل في مجال الاستيراد والتوزيع للمنتجات التجارية والصناعية.

  • Main address

    Algheria Str, Sanaa

  • Branches address

    الحديدة، عدن

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    Mr. Sami Abdullah Sabeha born in 1979. A Yemeni businessman, married & has 4 children. In 2009 he got the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Open University Malaysia, and in 2004 he got the Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Science & Technology in Sana'a Yemen. An active partner and a board member in Sabeha Trading Company since the year 2000. Founder, owns & the General Manager of SAS for Cargo Services since the year 2005. Founder & Executive Manager of Sabeha Brothers Enterprises LTD as a pioneer trading company in the imports and distribution of commercial & industrial products. He is board member of the Yemeni Business Club and the responsible of Corporate Governance unit since 2012. A board member of the Yemeni Institute of Directors since 2014.

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