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Yousef Abdo Al-Kuraimi

Al-kuraimi Islamic Bank for Microfinance

General Manager

Yousef Abdo Al-Kuraimi Yousef Abdo Al-Kuraimi
  • Brief description

    Dr / Yousef  Bank cream of Islamic microfinance, which is the evolution of the company creamy Exchange, which was founded in 05/08/1995 m main .omrkzha capital Sanaa Since the establishment of the company has sought to develop banking services and submit them to their customers at home and receive remittances from abroad with the latest modern techniques and the delivery of services to the All regions of the Republic of Yemen. At the end of 1995 it had only three branches and the work has been done manually, and in 2000 was taken to begin the introduction of the automated system's decision in terms of number of branches reached seven branches, and in the context of the company's plan to keep pace with modern technologies, the company has the management in 2003 to link all Branches modern and sophisticated electronic network can be any client that sends or receives a transfer quickly and directly from within the country or outside it, and in 2008 was cream Express service launch as a registered trademark of this service brought about a quantum leap in banking services in Yemen, which enhanced the reputation and standing of the company in the banking industry and even the number of its branches by the end of 2009 (78) branches covered services all governorates of the Republic, which Hzy the company's management to think developed in order to provide services touches the aspirations of a large segment of citizens and thus contributing to the development of the national economy and service. In 2010, with the support and encouragement of the Social Fund for Development, the company has seen a new development bank to convert the smaller Islamic finance in order to contribute to the national economy in the field of financial services (exchange remittances .. savings funds), where the bank will accept the savings of all kinds. And invest funds in various aspects of the investment in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
    To connect with the company: 01503850

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    بنك ـ شركة صرافة

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    Head office
    Sana'a, Al-Kuraimi building
    Tel.: +967 1 269399
    +967 1503888
    Fax: + 967 1 266202
    P.O. Box: 19357
    E-mail: [email protected]

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