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Radhwan Abdulhaq Saeed Alariki

Seina Gen. Trade & Agencies

Radhwan Abdulhaq Saeed Alariki Radhwan Abdulhaq Saeed Alariki
  • Brief description

    Founded in 1968, Seina for Gen. Trade and Agencies, one of Alhaq Group of Companies in the Republic of Yemen, started as a trading house for consumable products and tools for the industrial and now with the oil & gas industry and soon grew into a full-fledged, one-stop supply company. Now, we are listed as one of the biggest and industrial and oil- field services suppliers in the country and having stocks of more than 50,000 items and ensures smooth in-time delivery to our customers. For added peace of mind, our stores are fully equipped with state of the art inventory management system and manned by staff with adequate product expertise to ensure that the stocks are stored and maintained to precise our customer's specifications.

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  • Main product

    استيراد جميع مواد الورش والمولدات

  • Main address

    Hadda St, Near Rela Inn Hotel