About Yemeni Business Club (YBC)

YBC is the most prominent non-profit organization in Yemen which was founded by a group of Yemeni businessmen in late 2002 in order to support and advocate for private sector issues, work on developing a positive business environment and encourage investments in Yemen.

YBC is also a forum for Yemeni business people to promote their bilateral relations, exchange practical experiences , unite in their efforts against the obstacles that hinder their work, develop their skills and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. The club has a large number of Businessmen; representing all sectors of business and they belong to the most prominent family businesses in Yemen. The name of the Club was modified on April 15, 2013, from The Yemeni Businessmen Club to The Yemeni Business Club in order to include businesswomen as members and participate along with businessmen to achieve the desired goals of development of our beloved country. Thus far, about 25 businesswomen have benefited from this amendment to join the club.

about us



To be a leading, sustainable organization in the service of business owners and their organizations, and actively contribute to the development of the country.


YBC seeks to strengthen ties between its members, build their capacity, develop their institutions to contribute to the development process, and building the national economy through the implementation of various programs and activities in a climate dominated by a spirit of trust and cooperation.


The club work to achieve the following objectives:

- Strengthen the links between members.

- Upgrade the professionalism of members and contribute to the development of the performance of their organizations.

- Exchange professional experiences and shared benefits among members.

- Strengthen communication and cooperation with internal and external organizations in order to achieve the objectives of the club.

- Contribute to the development of the business environment.

- Contribute to the development of the society.