Governance workshop for Businesswomen

Activities ended
Sana'a - Movenpick Hotel January 17th, 2016

The Yemeni Businessmen Club (YBC) and Sana’a Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the Corporate Governance workshop for Businesswomen organized by the International Finance Cooperation (IFC)on Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  The workshop aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of Corporate Governance in today’s gender diversified environment. At the opening of the workshop YBC Executive Manager, Mohammed Ismail Hamanah, stated that the reality of the Yemeni Businesswomen in Yemen today is different from the past in both quality & quantity. They were able to overcome many of the hurdles in their way participating more in industry and trade.  Also successfully coordinate between their working life and family life. Then he confirmed YBC’s commitment and effort to support the Yemeni Businesswomen mentioning that YBC has witnessed few days ago the membership of some Businesswomen to become an active part of YBC’s General Assembly for the first time in its history spanning ten years

Next the General Director of Sana’a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohammed Zaid Al-Mohala, said that the subject of Corporate Governance is considered a main concern in Yemen and it’s essential to diagnose related problems in both the private and public sector. One of the steps to implement it is awareness spreading which the workshop addressed.

For her side Dr. Amira El-Saeed,Operations Office -IFC Advisory Services, Middle East & North Africa, World Bank, gave the attendees an overview of  IFC and its role in promoting Corporate Governance.  The workshop was admired so much by the attendees who asked for such more related workshops in the future. Beside Dr. Amira El-Saeed, Dr. Najat Jumaan and Dalal Al-Yazidi, participated in the training.