Priorities of Scientific Research Workshop

Activities ended
Sana'a January 17th, 2016

on Tuesday morning, December 11, 2012 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ,the Yemeni Businessmen Club held a workshop entitled ( priorities of Scientific Research ).The workshop was attended by a number of figures related  such as Dr. Mohamed Mutahar-the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,  Dr. Ali shater-the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance , Dr. Abdulkawi Noman-the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation,  Dr. Ali Gassem-the Undersecretary of the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research ,Dr. Mohamed Al-sufi-the President of Taiz University and in addition to a number of business people and academics.

The workshop was first started by Mr. Yousef  Alkarimi , the Secretary General of the Yemeni Businessmen Club by welcoming all attendees and clarifying the purpose of the workshop before he started to express  the importance of scientific research and its contribution to the desired development of the country. Especially in the next phase that is full of challenges .Then Mr. Saleh  Alsalami , the representative of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation quickly presented the development priorities from the ministry's point of view.

Then came Dr. Mohamed Mutahar, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to explain  the phases of the project  undergone in order to support scientific research during the current year, and what has been achieved so far, as well as what looks to everyone in the next phase, particularly with regard to the financial support of the project by all parties concerned .Finally , he graciously clarified the instructions of the brainstorming session planned to start after the break.

Then Dr. Ali shater, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Expressed regret over the deteriorating situation of Scientific Research in Yemen, and stressed the need for the existence of an entity tasked with supporting scientific research in a professional manner and methodology .Finally, he  expressed the readiness of the Ministry of Finance to support the entity Subject to the availability of efficiency and professionalism.

After the break the participants started the process of brainstorming  leaded by  Dr.Mohammed Mutahar  and Dr. Dawood Al-Hidabi and came unanimously to 10 priorities of  main research fields and a number of subfields those deemed by participants as most important to the national interest : (1) Agriculture - food - water (2) Health - Environment (3) energy and alternative energy (4)Industry and mining, including fishing industries (5) small and Medium Enterprises (6) management and good governance (7) education, training and human resources (8) financial and banking sector (9) culture and community's development (10) tourism.

  At the end of the workshop It was agreed by participants to form a sub-committee with the task of preparing for a wider meeting to attract support for the planned Yemeni Council of Research and Innovation.