The Name of the Yemeni Businessmen Club Was Changed

January 19th, 2016

Members of the General Assembly  of the Yemeni Businessmen Club (YBC)agreed unanimously on a proposal of the Board of Directors to change the current  name of the club from  (the Yemeni Businessmen Club-YBC) to  (the Yemeni Business Club-YBC).

According to the club chairman, Mr. Fathi  Abdulwase ,the new Name of the club comes in the context of understanding of the club leadership of the importance of  businesswomen, and the club responsibility to support and upgrade their abilities, as well as recognizing their vital role in the important and positive transformations through which our beloved country goes. Though changed the name, the acronym in English will remain as it is (YBC), but in the literal translation would be (Yemeni Business Club).This change decision was made unanimously  in the meeting of the general assembly  which was held on Monday evening , April 15, 2013 at the invitation of the Board of Directors.The meeting was attended by the majority of members of the General Assembly (ordinary and extraordinary). At the meeting, which was moderated by the club Secretary General,Mr. Yousef Al-Kuraimi, the executive director of the club , Mr. Mohammed Ismaeel Hamanah reviewed the club's administrative report, and presented the main activities carried out by the club during the past year,2012, as well as the first quarter of 2013, which amounted to total 90 major activities, the most important was to elect  the board of directors and amending  the statute so as to achieve the Interim objectives of the club. in addition to the development and modernization of the administrative structure, and the opening of an office for the club in the economic and commercial capital,Aden,as well as its success in securing fixed funding sources for the club.He also mentioned the club's success in managing a Conference titled (development priorities in Yemen), and then the third family businesses conference. One of the most important achievements of the Club was the representation of civil society organizations in the national dialogue conference .In addition to the club's participation with a working paper, for the first time, in the annual security conference of the leadership of the interior Ministry, and supporting the Ministry of Industry and Trade with an urgent  grant of a  large number of computers  worth more than 30 thousand USD  as a contribution to the rehabilitation of the new Office of the ministry to continue providing its services to the private sector.

Then the audience listened to the independent report of the Chartered auditor  regarding the club's financial and managerial performance, and highlighted his major notes. The report was approved by all attendees for its transparency. Followed by the report of the Supervisory Committee. The brief report was presented by the Deputy Chairman of the committee, Dr. Yahya Al-Thawr on the most important observations on the performance of the club during the pas period of 2012 and 2013.

 At the end of the meeting, YBC's strategic plan for the period (2013-2015) was briefly presented. The strategy includes about 196 major activities, which seeks to expand the club's  investments, increase and diversify  its activities, promote social relations among its members, as well as the expansion of cooperation with the government, the chambers of commerce, civil society organizations and donors. The chairman of the club has shown his great satisfaction for the outcomes of this extraordinary meeting and  thanked the board of director, the General Assembly members and the executive management of the club for their great efforts. It's worth mentioning here that the club was founded in 2002 as a civil society organization dealing with issues of private sector.