Consolidated Contractors Hosting for YBC's chairman

Activities ended
sanaa January 20th, 2016

Held on Saturday 15/2/2014 at the headquarters of the Federation of Contractors Yemenis expanded meeting between Mr. Fathi Abdul-wide massive head of the Yemeni Businessmen Club and representatives of the Federation of Contractors Yemenis and a number of its members. Started the meeting Engineer Mohammad Qasim Aeriqi Executive Director of the Union with a welcoming speech for Mr. Fathi Abdalwasa tremendously. This was followed by a lecture value by Mr. Fathi Abdalwasa which touched on a number of important issues related to the concept of governance (corporate governance) after Oatta brief summary of the club and its various activities with a focus on the club's activities in the field of supporting and promoting the principles of governance in our country applications. Then open for questions from the audience before a group of business people working in the field of contracting and answered by Mr. Fathi Abdul-wide. At the conclusion of the meeting, he was honored by some members of the Union and then threw Engineer Mohammad Qasim Aeriqi a word of thanks to Professor Fathi Abdul-wide lecture on the value and stressed the importance of signing Maakhah agreement between the club and the Union in the near future.