YBC in Cooperation with the Association of banks of Yemen organized a training course about a new law called ( FATCA ).

Activities ended
sanaa January 17th, 2016

Yemeni Businessmen Club ( YBC ) in cooperation with the Association of Banks of Yemen, organized a training course aims to familiarize the participants with a new American law called ( FATCA ).This training course was carried out by Mr.Mohammed Shareef, a regional banking expert.

The importance of this training course , according to Mr.Yousef Al-Karimi  is that  the banks worldwide based on this new law will be  obliged to disclose the accounts and data of their customers who hold U.S citizenship or residency.

Mr.Ahmed Mohammed Al-Khawi , President of the Association of banks of yemen added that this training course comes as part of the preparation efforts to implement FATCA Law. He also mentioned a planned  three days forum discussing the new law.