The minister of communication Dr. Ahmed Bin Dagher

Activities ended
Sana'a January 14th, 2016

The minister of communication Dr. Ahmed Bin Dager thanked the Yemeni Businessmen Club specifically the chairman and the Secretary-General who arranged for this meeting in which  the minister met the club members.

The minster stated the importance of the partnership among the ministry of communication, members of the Yemeni Businessmen club and the private sector in general for the best interest of the country.

He stressed the importance of the presence of open dialogs between the private sector and the government aimed at enhancing the investment role of the private sector in public institutions which the government monopolizes.


Also the minister confirmed the government’s orientation to pursue  a policy of  economic openness and the liberalization of many public institutions of government’s monopoly contributing to the improvement of their service, expressing the extent of difficulties the ministry faces in order to provide its services.

The attendees assured their wishes to see less government intervention specifically in the field of communications and rather pave the way for the citizens to invest in such fields, this in turn will serve the country in two aspects. On the one hand this would relieve the strain on the government, On the other hand the income level of the citizens would increase.

At the political level Dr. Ahmed Bin Dagr said that Yemen lived a real crisis which even affected the National Foundations like the National Identity ( separatists movement, Hothies, etc……). Also, the unity agreement was mentioned and the drafting of the constitution focusing on the great achievement which is represented by the Yemeni Major Identity.

He added, The main problem in Yemen is attributed to the absence and weakness of the authority as well as the monopoly of power. Today we have a different authority represented in a coalition among the different political parties with a top priority to ensure security in the country.

The minister of communication stressed that Yemen can overcome its crisis by thinking positively in the future through the National Dialogue Conference. The NDC is going to establish a new constitution which will provide the form of the new state and its election system. In all cases the constitution should reflect the people’s aspirations as Yemenis.

Talking about the future of the country Dr. Ahmed Bin Dagr believes that the General People Congress party should not consider the Joint Meeting party as an enemy, to the opposite he believes that the GPC should create a political alliance with JM to be able to encounter the complex problems of the country.

The minister believes that a federation between the two parts and going back to the small identities is unacceptable and catastrophic to the country.

At  the meeting Dr. Al-Ansari, the Executive Director of Teleyemen gave a presentation on the future directions of the ministry and institution in the field of  telecommunications and information.