YBC's Members Met with the German Ambassador in Yemen ( Mr.Holger Green )

Activities ended
sanaa January 17th, 2016

Within the activities of Yemeni Businessmen Club to host VIP , a group of the club members met with the German Ambassador in Yemen (  Mr.Holger Green ) on Tuesday, Feb 19,2013 in the club's headquarter.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr.Fathi Abdulwasa , Chairman of the Yemeni Businessmen  Club (YBC),welcomed the German Ambassador and  gave him a short Brief About YBC  and its activities.


After that,Mr. Mr.Holger Green  introduced himself to the Club members and explained the current unsatisfactory trading relationships between  Yemen and Germany  because of the Unstable security situation in Yemen and that's why German Authorities don't want to send experts to Yemen.


Turning in his speech to the coming national dialogue conference  pointing out that its success will represent solutions to economic and political issues.He added that the main reasons for success in Germany are:
1. Excellent  qualification.
2. Economic stability, which exceeded the century.
3. The rule of law.


After that, the  ambassador's replied  to many inquiries that concern largely the Yemeni  businessmen  and also expressed  the embassy's  willingness  to provide the necessary support or facilities for business.

Finally,and on Behalf of the audience Mr. Fathi Abdel wasea thanked  the German Ambassador for his visit.