The French Ambassador and the French Constitution Expert visit to YBC

Activities ended
Sana'a YBC January 17th, 2016

In his visit to the Yemeni Businessmen Club (YBC) on Monday 3/12/2012, the French ambassador Frank Gellet viewed the deep historical trade and political relations between Yemen and France pointing to the brilliant roles YBC plays in improving Yemen’s image abroad and suggested a visit to France by a delegation from YBC whenever the situation is better in Yemen.  Adding that there is a serious orientation toward the enhancement of trade and economic relations between the two countries specifically in the field of oil where there are major French oil companies like TOTAL  working in this sector.  Also indicated that it is time for Yemen to become independent in oil extraction and investment.

Another thing he motioned was the issue of security which represents a huge challenge in promoting investment in Yemen. Referring that the embassy is planning to have a commercial Console in the near future due to the increased demand in trade exchange between the two countries.

Next his Excellency confirmed the International Community’s concern about Yemen which has contributed in preventing Yemen sliding into civil war alluding to the role played by each country in Yemen’s transition period which is generally viewed as a successful model in the experience of change. France on its part is going to provide the technical assistance in writing the new constitution. Then he went on talking about the main difficulties facing Yemen; population growth, water scarcity and sociological problems like Qat, etc…  Noting that Yemen possesses great natural resources specifying the high potentials in agriculture and the two rainy seasons which are unique. If these valuable resources are exploited rightly could lead Yemen to become Self-sufficient in food.

For his part Dr.FRISON-ROCHE François, the  French expert in writing constitutions who accompanied the ambassador, outlined his experience in assisting the Bulgarian government -which lasted for six years- in writing its new democratic constitution. Dr. FRISON-ROCHE François  stated the significance of having a strong and balanced constitution for Yemen’s new phase which should  meet  the needs of all the Yemeni people categories in general and the private sector in particular.

At  the end of the meeting,  YBC chairman Fathi Abdulwasa  honored the French  Ambassador with YBC shield and showed his gratitude to his guests for their interaction in the national issues especially the private sector.

The meeting was attended by YBC members – businessmen and businesswomen.