YBC hosts the new regional Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Activities ended
sanaa February 24th, 2014
Mr. Fathi Abdul-wasa, the Yemeni Businessmen Club (YBC)'s chairman, and a number of members of the Board of Directors received a delegation from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) headed by Ms. Makiko Tanaka, the new manager for the program, and Ms. Caroline, technical adviser for the program of empowering youth economically (YEEP).
The meeting was also attended by a number of representatives of local organizations and international actors who are interested in the field of entrepreneurship specifically the concept of business Incubation.
At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Fathi Abdul-wasa the club president welcomed all the attendees and specifically Ms.Tanaka and expressed his wishes for an enjoyable stay in Yemen and success in business. Then followed by a brief presentation about the club and its activities and achievements, followed by the speech of the professor Fathi Abdul-wasa club about previous experiences related to employment and the impediments to achieve the desired benefit in this area. In addition, he stressed the importance of small businesses and support entrepreneurship for the national economy as well as the need to improve the quality of education outcomes in Yemen, so that it becomes a high degree of skill and mastery in various areas. Also he pointed to the role that could be played by the club in the area of employment and support entrepreneurship.
Then Ms. Makiko Country Director of the United Nations (UNDP) expressed her happiness to meet the representatives of the club and a group of Yemeni businessmen. She indicated that she has conducted several interviews with official bodies and some private sector representatives and found out that the need to focus on supporting projects that will help the needy and the marginalized class especially in rural areas. She touched on the concept of social work and the importance of linking private sector representatives in Yemen with their counterparts in other countries to take advantage of their experiences followed by several interventions by the businessmen.
After that, Mr. Fawzi Al-Yamani, the PR officer in the club, expressed the project idea to create a business development services (BDS) in the club. The idea came as a response to one of the recommendations of the participants in the three workshops hosted by the club in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Yemen Foundation for training for Employment (YEFE) in three governorates (Sana'a - Taiz - Aden), in December last year. It was agreed that the formation of a technical committee to study how to create
unit and mechanism of action and the Committee should meet at the earliest possible opportunity.