YBC Hosts the US Ambassador.

Activities ended
January 14th, 2016


The  Yemeni Businessmen Club hosted the US ambassador Gerald M. Feierstein who was sworn in on September 17, 2010, as the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen. The special meeting discussed the private sector’s role in the upcoming period

His Excellency stated that since 2010  the US engagement in Yemen focused mainly on peace and security issues relating  to combating terrorism and extremist groups. However this perception is expanding now to the vital issue of economic growth. Strengthening the economy will lead to prosperity which in turn will be reflected positively on the security issue through less terrorism and more peace, both areas of security and economic growth are strongly interrelated.

The ambassador also pointed to the role of the government in creating a regulatory framework and secure environment for the private sector to invest in the country.  The private sector should be encouraged and engaged in the development process. He also mentioned the importance of the cooperation with GCC countries.

Another subject that was also discussed is enhancing the bilateral trade relations between Yemen and the United States and advised for mutual businesses introduction between the two countries.

At the end of the meeting the Ambassador answered inquiries from some YBC members,  and the Chairman of YBC  Fathi Abdul Wasea Hayl Saeed and YBC members thanked the US ambassador                                               for his visit to the Yemeni Businessmen Club.