A trip to the island of Socotra -2013

Activities ended
ٍٍSoqatra Island January 20th, 2016
On February 27, 2013 Yemeni Business Club organized a tourist trip to island of Socotra, in the east of Yemen. Where 40 businessmen from club members have participated representing different sectors of the economy, which they had been classified as the largest delegation of Yemeni businessmen visiting the island so far.
In his patr, Yemeni Business Club's chairman ,Fathi Abdul Wase Hayel, clarified that the visit seeked to achieve two goals . First, discovering the investment and tourism opportunities in the island of Socotra. Second, is to increase the entertainment  ,fraternal and social ties among the members of Yemeni businessmen Club.
Businessmen who involved in the trip have announced that they are planning to support and contribute on the development of nursery rare plants on the island, "Adib nursery" and the park to the new environment with 2 million riyals.
The trip, which took three days . Dr. Yahya Al Thawr in collaboration with some of the club members announced their intention to organize a medical camp in Socotra to do the treatment of patients and the island adopted a number of health personnel in the camp, either through training or by providing opportunities outside the island of Socotra.
The participants visited the College of Education in Socotra and donated with solar panels according to the difficult situation that the students being experienced by the turned off the electricity on the island.
The members of the club have stressed that the island of Socotra represents an investment opportunity and a rare tourist should take advantage from it , demanding the official authorities to improve the infrastructure of the island and the island continues to strengthen links the world with its tourism marketing at the regional and international level
Socotra has been classified as one of the most important World Heritage position in 2008 and nicknamed the most exotic regions in the world due to biodiversity and environmental uniqueness of the island at the level of trade