Corporate Citizenship Conference

Activities ended
Alsaeed Hotel January 14th, 2016

Yemeni Business Club organizes Corporate Citizenship Conference  in cultural capital of Taiz

With local, regional and wide participation.. Under the slogan of "corporate citizenship development communities.. Chairman of the Yemeni Business Club   Mr. Fathi Abdel Wasee Hayel  said that the organization of this conference  aimed to aware the Yemeni business community about the importance of corporate citizenship through its participation in the creation of sustainable development in the community, where they will review local and regional experiences in corporate citizenship to stimulate the local business community to exercise principles and applications of corporate citizenship, as well as review and evaluate the practicing  list compared to what is applied concepts of citizenship in the region and the world.

The conference is held, for the first time in the city of Taiz, under the patronage of Dr. Saad Eddin Bin Taleb - Minister of Industry and Trade of Yemen, and the presence many companies.



  • Yemen Mobile

    Yemen Mobile

    Yemen Mobile Company seeks to perform social responsibilities distinct reflecting its position as a Yemeni national has made great achievements where it was and still is the company's first to support and take care of a lot of social and developmental and humanitarian programs, which won appreciation and admiration of the community. 

  • Yemen LNG

    Yemen LNG

    Yemen LNG aims to be a responsible company locally, nationally and internationally and is making significant efforts in terms of its social and environmental responsibilities.  The Company aims to create value for all of its stakeholders, namely the relevant Yemeni authorities and the local communities, in the vicinity of its operations.

  • Center for Studies & Research and the consumer

    Center for Studies & Research and the consumer

     Center for Studies & Research and the consumer will talk in their paper about ( Thought and Experience of Social Responsibility )

  • Al Khair Foundation for social development

    Al Khair Foundation for social development

    Founded in 2009, AKF is dedicated to establishing institutes and conducting educational programs with the aim of enhancing literacy levels among the underprivileged, focusing on youth of rural tribal areas. AKF provides efficient, meaningful and free training opportunities to a wide sector of untapped human resources, thus qualifying more youth to contribute to the overall development of the country.

  • Abdul Latif Jameel Foundation - BRJ

    Abdul Latif Jameel Foundation - BRJ

    In 2003, Community Jameel was formally established as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Abdul Latif Jameel, one of the world’s leading independent Toyota distributors. Today Community Jameel operates a considerable set of initiatives.  From individual, community and Arab life as a whole in Saudi Arabia and beyond, Community Jameel has the welfare of its people at heart. By promoting Arab arts and culture in the Middle East and around the world, working against the unemployment, enabling research for poverty alleviation, and providing education and training opportunities, Community Jameel has successfully promoted positive social and economic sustainability.