Islamic banking conference

Activities ended
Sana'a Yemen January 14th, 2016

In the Yemeni capital Sana'a Concluded the Economic Conference that organized by the Yemeni Business Club over two days, under the title "Islamic banks .. reality and prospects for the future."

The conference called for in its recommendations the need for the establishment of a national commission for an advisory opinion legitimacy on Islamic banks, Takaful insurance issues, as well as the establishment of a research and development center to discuss the priorities of the pressing issues of the relationship with banking activities, as participants demanded to appoint control Shariah Board of the Central Bank of Yemen; to strengthen control over legitimate bodies in Islamic banks and enable it to follow all the work and activities of Islamic banks.

The recommendations stressed the need to work on the establishment of a fund " last resort " to pay for the needs of liquidity in Islamic banks and the formation of a joint committee of all Islamic banks; to coordinate efforts in all areas so as to enhance the march of the banking business in Yemen, as well as the establishment of a joint committee between the Yemeni government the private sector to follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the Conference which would develop Islamic banking and insurance institutions symbiotic performance and activating its role in the development of society.

The "Islamic banks Conference .. The Prospects for Future "was attended by many participants from chairmen and Board members of the Yemeni Islamic banks and a number of businessmen and professionals; during the conference was presented 13 scientific papers and workshops for professionals from inside and outside Yemen


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