2nd Governance Conference

Activities ended
Sana'a Moevenpick January 14th, 2016

Yemeni Business Club chairman Mr. Fathi Abdul Wasea Hayel has confirmed that YBC is the owner of the first initiative of introducing the concept of corporate governance in Yemen and that by doing many of the awareness and guidance events, such as conferences and seminars, as well as the services provided by YBC  in this aspect by including the provision of consulting and others . Expressing forward that this conference will contribute to the promotion of awareness among companies about the importance of the implementation of  concepts and principles of governance, thus contributing to the stability, growth and development.

On his part , Minister of Industry and Trade, Dr. Saad Eddin Ben Taleb has mentioned  the importance of the corporate governance conference by getting the requirements  of  building  a modern civil state, especially when Yemen will join the Protocol at the World Trade Organization soon.

On his side, Mr.Said Bin Taleb, during the second Conference on Corporate Governance in Yemen which was organized today in Sana'a, YBC participation of many companies, banks, businesswomen , businessmen and representatives of the government . in addition to the private sector and those who are interested in business .

Mr.Said Bin Taleb mentioned his aspirations for an opportunity to build a state of financial markets and makes it accessible to everyone, without distinction between small or large, and that Yemen turning into a productive state by activating the role of the private sector and the real investment to transform the state into a productive area.

Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen Mohamed Bin Hammam has mentioned that banks play a main role in the community through the deposit, bank transactions and to coordinate and organize the various measures in this aspect.

He praised the role of business in the organization of such a conference which seeks to make the role of banks leading role in the field of corporate governance .considering that corporate governance is defined as the system through which the guide companies and monitor their performance, as well as determine the structure through which the distribution of roles and responsibilities between the parties involved in the Company, including the Board of Directors, managers and shareholders.

During the event of the conference  ,the Executive Director of Sabehah  Company, Sami  Sabehah has given a presentation about YBC's  efforts in the field of corporate governance in Yemen.

the conference included many discussions of working for banks governance papers and the launch of bank governance guide, and corporate governance in Yemen, governance and the effectiveness of boards of directors and applications of governance in international companies, and presented during the event number of proposals and recommendations in this field .