YBC members met with the representatives of the private sector in the national dialogue conference

Activities ended
January 20th, 2016

Within the periodic activities of the Yemeni Business Club ,YBC members met on Wednesday evening 15 May 2013 with the representatives of the private sector in the national dialogue conference, Mr. Ahmed Abu Bakr Bazaraa, head of the Development Committee and Professor / Yousef Karimi ,member of the Committee of the independence of the bodies

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Fathi Abdul wide, president of the club welcomed YBC  members and private sector representatives in national dialogue conference

 Mr.Ahmed Bazaraa started reviewing the mechanism and the stages of the dialogue and the most important results that have been reached up to the present time, and then browse the functioning of the Development Committee and the main obstacles faced .

Then Mr. Yousuf Al-Kuraimi review of the most important achievements and the steps that have been in the committee of the  independence of the bodies as well as the functioning of the rest of the dialogue committees and the results of their meeting with the President and Mr. Jamal Bin Omar.

Mr.Yousuf Al-Kuraimi called YBC Members to participate and interact with the national dialogue committees through the website of the General Secretariat of the National Dialogue, noting that they are receiving all posts sent from citizens and distribute them to the relevant committees and inform the sender on the arrival of his message to the relevant committees.

After that both Mr. Ahmed Abubakar Bazaraa and Mr. Yousuf Al-Kuraimi  answered the attendees' questions and many of the inquiries that concern businessmen very much.