President at his office in the presidential residence a delegation of the Yemeni Businessmen Club

Activities ended
Sana'a January 14th, 2016

  President Aburabbu Mansour Hadi met on Wednesday , December 19 , 2012  at his office in the presidential residence a delegation of the Yemeni Businessmen Club who briefed him on the results of their visit to the United States. The visit was in coordination with the US embassy in Sana’a to review investment opportunities in both countries.

The Yemeni news agency ( Saba ) reported that  Hadi welcomed the Yemeni businessmen and saluted them for their high spirit and initiatives in promoting investment climates in Yemen. He also saluted the positive role of the U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Gerald Feierstein.

Actually the U.S always has been supporting the Republic of Yemen in various fields  and circumstances, mentioning the  positive and great role it  played to overcome the political and security ordeal side by side with the international community and the European Union. in order to achieve peace and harmony through consensus and the signing of the Gulf initiative and its timed implementation mechanism as well we the  decisions of UN Security Council 2014 and 2015.

The president also said that at the time Yemen is exceeding slowly the current political and security crisis, it's also looking for cooperation with the international community in supporting Yemen's efforts to overcome the ordeal economic crisis. Which requires the cooperation of everyone and here lies a great responsibility on the Yemeni businessmen through finding the areas of investment and exploring potential  opportunities. Especially that Yemen has the success factors like the natural resources and work force needed to become self sufficient.

Hadi said that Yemen has successfully passed difficult and complicated stages, but the future holds hopes and high expectations to build a wonderful new Yemen based on justice, equality, transparency and good governance .He also emphasized on the importance of countering corruption through clarity in dealing,  away from Bureaucracy and old useless methods. He added that Today's world has become one village. Yemeni businessmen should work in this framework taking the investment opportunities in the diverse fields like energy, where they’ll have the priorities to participate in such projects.

 Hadi emphasized that change and development must be part of our culture and behavior. Yemenis have to forget the forgone decades of unsuccessful experiments that led us to where we are now and affected the vision or strategy related  to the supreme national interest.     

For their part, Yemeni businessmen expressed their pleasure meeting the president and their huge and unlimited ambition to participate in all aspirations and expectations that would contribute positively to the country's economy and development. They stressed on learning from the experiences of others like the US using new technologies in  energy production, irrigation and agriculture which will contribute greatly in absorbing the youth Yemeni workforce.  They also added by saying “we made a positive image about the reality of our new Yemen under your wise leadership at these sensitive circumstances” .  They also thanked him for his previous and current efforts to overcome the political crisis leading Yemen to the improved situation in our country, which meets the aspirations and hopes of the Yemeni people through the coming Dialogue Conference and the implementation of the second phase of the Gulf Initiative.