The YBC Receives a Delegation from the World Bank

Activities ended
January 17th, 2016


The meeting discussed the consequences of the previous period on the Yemeni economy and the effects of the political instability on the economy as well as  issues related to the performance of different economic sectors; oil, automobile, pharmaceuticals, household and food.
The attendants also discussed some of the difficulties facing the private sector. First, the weak infrastructure shown by the electricity problem. Second, the blowing up of the oil pipelines . Third, the weakness of the government to meet its obligation to the private sector.
Finally the issue of the free zones was brought up, there were some suggestions of how to improve and activate these places as well as establishing new ones. 
Attendees from World Bank :
Raymond Conway- Resident Representative.
Nabila Assaf- S.PSD Specialist.
Safaa Al-Moaid- Consultant. 
Attendeess from YBC.
Fathi Abdel-Wasea Saeed- Chairman,
Ahmed Mohammed Jomaan- Assistant Secretary General.
Abdulhameed Al-Gazali- Financial coordinator.
Mohammed Murad Mutaher- Member.
Mohammed Ismail Hamanah- YBC Executive manager.
Moneera Othman- project coordinator.