The signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Yemeni Business Club and the Chamber of Trade and Industry in Dhofar Governorate

Activities ended
Oman December 07th, 2017


In a profitable step has been taken between Yemeni Business Club and Oman Chamber of Commerce and industry at Dhafar City, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two countries for cooperation in serving Yemeni and Omani private sectors and reinforcing the strong relations between them. The event comes under the case of achieving the object of strengthen the communication and cooperation that YBC aims to provide for the members and their companies. The MoU is coming for proceeding the efforts that have been put in previous Yemeni Omani investment concourses,  when many leaders and members have participated in during the last year.  In action of singing the frutiful Memorandum,  Mr. Fathi Abdulwasee -Chairman- and Mr. Sami Sabeha - board of directors member- were the presenter of Yemeni Business Club side,  and Mr. Abdullah Salem Bin Roas was the presenter of Dhafar Chamber of Commerce side.   Wishing all efforts being full of sucess for both parties.