Project Yemeni Business Development Center (BDC) at YBC

Activities ended
sana'a January 20th, 2016

Yemeni Business Club hosts the first meeting of the technical committee on a project for the Yemeni Center for Business Development (YBDC).


The first meeting of the technical committee on a project for the Yemeni Center for Business Development (YBDC) was Hold on Wednesday,05/03/2014 at the headquarters of the Yemeni Business Club (YBC) Sana'a. At the beginning of the meeting a speech welcoming was represented by Mr. Mohammed Murad Modahar who is a member of the club's board for the attendees from representatives of some of the actors in the field of support entrepreneurship.


After that, PR officer Mr.Faozi Al.Yamani has made an offered about the Yemeni Center for Business Development and its important role that would play in providing diverse services for entrepreneurs as well as to explain how to reach the idea of ​​the project as a result of holding three workshops in Sanaa, Taiz and Aden under the title (the sector's contribution Special in the economic empowerment of young people) that was in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Yemen Foundation for training for Employment (YEFE)


That was Followed by a review of Mr. Firas Deeb, director of Spark Organization in Yemen about its experience in the field of  establishment the (Business Incubators) in different countries, in addition to listening the experiences of some of the members of the other Committee. Then opening a  discussion about the roles of the members of the Technical Committee, contributions to the project and what actors value-added and other that could be involved within the technical Committee for the purpose of inviting them to attend the up comping meetings. In addition, there was also during the meeting some related subjects such as the right place for the project and the services to be provided, and what are the methods of the work and cooperation mechanism between the partners. The Committee members agreed that the club will be the leader of the project in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in addition to  the subsequent steps to be worked on the coming period in preparation for the second meeting  that is scheduled later this month.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Mohammad Murad Modahar ,a member of the club's board, thanked the members of the Commission present for their attendance and enrich the meeting and expressed his wishes for the project to achieve the desired goals.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Caroline, the technical adviser for youth empowerment program economically (YEEP) of the United Nations; Mr. Firas Deeb, the  director of (Spark) Organization in Yemen and a number of representatives of the local organizations that is active in the field of youth empowerment economically.