Minister of industry and trade in business club yemeni

Activities ended
sana'a January 17th, 2016

In a meeting organized by the Yemeni Business Club, the minister of Industry and Trade reassured businessmen and businesswomen and said joining the (WTO) is better for Yemeni coming generations.

Yemeni Business Club organized a special meeting for the minister of Industry and trade Dr.Saad Al-Din Bin Taleb and a number of businessmen and businesswomen to discuss "the effects of joining the WTO."

In the meeting, which was held in the Business Club, the minister assured the businessmen and businesswomen that joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) will open the prospects for development and economic prosperity of the nation.

He stressed that joining (WTO) protects domestic productions from political situations, and makes the export opportunity open to all local products especially the agricultural and fish products that were the most affected by the sudden ban decisions.

It also helps Yemen to enter into the global economic market, to keep pace with the development of International Trade and Industry.
Minister Ben Taleb said that the World Trade Organization gave Yemen a chance until June 4 to complete the domestic ratification, which needs only the approval of Parliament, and the President.

He also said that the national economy is ready for integration into the global market, since 98% of the economic local laws make Yemen eligible for integration into the international industry and trade system.


The minister appriciate  the efforts of former prime ministers and the competent team to negotiate with the international organization, and that this achievement is proof that everyone understands the importance of this step locally, and the benefit of that for Yemen at the international and strategic level.

However, he stressed that the security, stability and reform of the judiciary are important factors for the development of Yemen.

The head of the Business Club / Fathi Abdulwase welcomed in his opening speech, the attendees and noted the importance of the meeting with the minister Ben Taleb, followed by a presentation to the expert economist Kamal Sultan, Director General agreements and commercial areas of the ministry, as a member of the Yemeni negotiating team for the World Trade Organization .He has stated that joining efforts World Organization began in 2000, and established a dedicated team in April 2000 and continued efforts until 2013 to complete the request for full accession procedures, leaving only the completion of the local authentication.
He said that the Yemeni side managed to link the provision of the 5625 tariff lines, while 5280 has been linked to an item at the top of the universally applicable standard, and that the higher the economic linkage groups amounted to 43% actress category (Fish, number 101, item).
With regard to local prohibitions Sultan confirmed that it has been maintained, preventing the importation of prohibited goods legally, and number four items.
Event was attended by a crowd of men and women, money, business and the number of representatives of the local media.