The Story of the National Dialogue Conference...At The YBC

Activities ended
SANAA January 20th, 2016

Mr. Ahmed Abubakr Bazra'a , The Development Team leader in the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) said that the conference highlighted a positive phenomenon and civilized behavior of all Yemenis. During the seminar organized by the Yemeni Business Club (YBC) on  Tuesday evening ,Feb 4th ,2014, Mr.Bazara'a mentioned that the challenges faced the conference were not easy and there were serious complications surrounding the Conference of each side.But with the strong will of the participants and good planning in addition to the  help of our brothers and friends who contributed positively ,we could overcome a lot of obstacles. He also stressed that the journey is not over yet and that the next phase will be a real test of the seriousness of all parties to implement the outputs of the national dialogue agreed by everyone.

For his part, Mr. Yousuf Al- Kuraimi , a  team member of the Special Entities committee in the National Dialogue Conference, stated that at the beginning of the conference, it was really hard that everyone was fear of failure. But things over time started to get better because of the optimistic spirit and free will of all NDC members as well as the faith in god and Yemeni people who suffered a lot and wanted through this dialogue to put an end for their torments.

Mr. Yousuf Al- Kuraimi said that the Yemenis' expectations placed on the dialogue were great and that the NDC participants honestly carried the responsibility to met the aspirations of the Yemeni people. Alluding to the role of women and their active participation in the activities of the comprehensive national dialogue.

For his part, the Chairman of the YBC, Mr. Fathi Abdulwase , expressed  his and the YBC members' appreciation of the active and  distinguished participation  of  the YBC's representative and all those who represented the private sector in the National Dialogue Conference. He also valued  the time they allocated for this important national task , which interprets their high national spirit and responsibility, noting that this would be an example to the rest belonging to the private sector.

During the seminar , there were many questions  and comments directed to both NDC members by the audience to reveal the secrets of National Dialogue Conference which has been the most important event for the Yemeni people during the last ten months.

The Seminar was attended by a number of the YBC'sBoard members and a group of businessmen and businesswomen in addition to  a number of those interested in the issues of the NDC.