Monthly meeting of the members of one family ... one product

Activities ended
sanaa January 20th, 2016

 On Saturday, December 21st , 2013 the panel discussion that is a Special study of the Japanese experience in the development by the title of (one village, one product) was held in the Yemeni Business Club. Mr. Osama Al-Shami, head of the development of small enterprises and the smaller Social Fund for Development, was the speaker at the event.

the Japanese experience is centered  to motivate local communities on the production and use of sources and natural resources that is available to them and focus initially on one product that they are excel on, then built it to diversify its products as needed, and as a result as well as the increased income distribution of wealth in the country, especially rural areas and reduce the rate of unemployment. At the meeting, it was proposed work effectively encourage producers where and inviting community groups and actors who are interested on participate in this event to get to know the authentic Yemeni products and for training in such artifacts. Many businessmen also gave their input and questions on the subject have been focusing on the work of the popular Bazaar to display and promote handicrafts and products of Yemen. The meeting was attended by Mr. Fathi Abdulwase Ha'ael and a number of club members .