Annual (Ramadan Breakfast) and honoring previous administrative - 2012

Activities ended
YBC - Sana'a January 14th, 2016

The annual dinner (Ramadan Breakfast) for the members of the Yemeni Businessmen Club was held on Tuesday, Ramadan 5, corresponding to 24 July 2012 in the club's headquarters.

The meeting was attended by nearly 80 participants, the activity started at 05:45,  the program started with a short  spiritual preaching delivered by Mr. Yahya Al Sabahi director of the Holy Koran Association  and then after that the preparation for Maghreb prayers and breaking the fast and dinner.

After that, the members performed prayers of Al Taraweeh where Sheikh Ibrahim Al Haer was the Imam (The leader of the prayers) and in the middle of the prayers a speech by Dr. Zaid Alghaili president of the Holy Koran Association was delivered where he talked about the role of the Association and what it has offered to serve the book of Allah and he called businessmen to donate to the Association and to support the people who memorize the Holy Koran.

Then the president of the club Mr. Fathi Abdulwasae delivered a speech to the audience where he thanked them for their attendance and their interaction in the success of the activity and then Mr. Ahmed Bazaraa delivered a speech to the members and thanked them for helping him during his presidency of the club and he was rejoiced by the serious faces in the new board and urged them to work to deliver the message of the Club to the community.

After that the former administrative body was honored and the president of the club presented them commemorative shields.

The activity was also attended by a delegation from the Holy Koran Association headed by Dr. / Abdulaziz Al-Mikhlafi, Dr. Zeid Algheili and Mr.  Ibrahim Al-Ha'ir.