A statement issued by the Yemeni Businessmen Club

January 17th, 2016





          Date: 18/4/2012



A statement issued by the Yemeni Businessmen Club



In its periodic meeting on Tuesday 17.04.2012, the Board of Directors of YBC protested against the brutal assault on the private sector in front of the Customs Authority. They strongly condemned this assault which contradicts with the basic human rights.

Actually the hard time which the country is going through requires the cooperation of all to reach solutions to the problems in a legal and peaceful way, away from violence and counter-violence.

On the one hand, YBC expresses its full solidarity with those affected. On the other hand, YBC calls upon the government to punish everyone involved in this assault in a step toward supporting the peaceful expression of opinions as opposed to violence.



Issued by the Yemeni Businessmen Club                 

                    Sana’a 18/4/2012