Chinese Ambassador to Yemen

January 17th, 2016




Chinese Ambassador to Yemen , Mr. Chang Hua ,Visits the Yemeni Business club (YBC)

Date: 29/4/2014

Day: Tue

Time: 12:00 am

Within the activities of the Yemeni Businessmen Club (YBC)to hostVIP, YBC represented by its members and board members had the honor to meet with his Excellency , the Chinese Ambassador in Yemen , Mr. Chang Hua at the YBC's  head office in Sana'a.


The meeting was started with a welcome speech by Mr.Fathi Abdulwase , Chairman of the Yemeni Business Club (YBC), within which he thanked ,his Excellency, the Chinese Ambassador and his accompany for accepting the Club's invitation .He also referred to the privacy of the Yemeni-Chinese historical relationships .

For his part, His Excellency , the Chinese Ambassador unveiled  Al-Hareer  sea Road  which is said to be the largest  Chinese Economic  Project in the 21 century .His Excellency also referred to the importance of Yemen's participation by joining the project that is aimed at promoting the global trade as it locates on the sea road and owns Bab AL-Mandab which constitute one of the most important sea corridors on the global sea road.

His Excellency also appraised  the  visit of Mr.AbdRabbo Mansour Hadi,the President of Yemen to China in late 2013, which succeeded in strengthening the  bilateral relations and trading relations in particular between the two countries .

His Excellency also referred to the Chinese' essential role in supporting the political reform before ,during and after the National Dialogue conference , leading to the political and economical stability of Yemen. He  also stressed on  the importance of enhancing bilateral partnership between the two countries in many areas , including: railways , highways , ports and civil aviation , Telecommunications ,…etc.

In conclusion , many discussions  took place between YBC's members and the Ambassador who was handed the YBC's honor Shield by Mr.Fathi Abdulwase , Chairman of the Yemeni Business Club (YBC).

The meeting was attended by the Economic Adviser of the Chinese Embassy in Sana'a and a number of businessmen and businesswomen  who are members in the Yemeni Business  club .