Yemeni business club concluded Islamic banking program – CIB

January 17th, 2016

 Yemeni business club concluded Islamic banking program – CIB 


The Yemeni Business Club Concluded  Islamic banking program (CIB) for the first intake , which is internationally adopted by the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in Bahrain (CIBAFI), which was held for the first time in the Republic of Yemen . YBC started this program  within the framework of scientific cooperation between Yemeni Business Club and Raqaba'a company .

The program held in Sana'a in the period between 21 to 24,September , 2014 at the headquarters of the Yemeni Business Club for four training days for  13  trainees from different Yemeni Islamic banks.

The program presented by Dr. Razi Mohiuddin . The training program focused on six main topics . Islamic financial industry and the entrance to public Islamic financial transactions, the stages of the Islamic banking system, the Islamic banking system properties, Islamic finance, Islamic investment and Islamic banking services).

Note that the club will hold a number of training programs for Islamic banks as part of a cooperation agreement signed between the Business Club and Raqabaa company .