The YBC General Assembly Emergency meeting Press Release

January 14th, 2016

The General Assembly of the Yemeni Businessmen Club (YBC) held an emergency meeting on Monday 21st of March 2011 in its headquarters to discuss the current situation in our country. Due to the gravity of the situation the members hereby state:
YBC fully supports the press release announced by the Yemeni Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Saturday 19th March 2011 and calls everyone concerned in our country to stand shoulder to shoulder with the just demands of the youth in all the governorates.
YBC condemns with the strongest and denounces the brutal attack against protestors which we consider unjustified aggression against expressing their opinions and resulting in the shedding of innocent blood. YBC is strongly against targeting Yemeni youth, the future of Yemen, and we are proud of the youth's determination and support their just cause. Moreover, YBC calls for the perpetrators of such crimes to be brought to justice.
In addition, peaceful street protests are a constitutional right and a sign of political and democratic maturity of Yemenis that signifies Yemeni society solidarity dropping all classifications and narrow divisions based on sectarianism, regionalism and political affiliation; and it is lining up a national standing tall in front of all those who doubt the greatness of these young people.
They are going to the street resulting from the deterioration of the situation, poor governance and rampant corruption in the country and the inability to address them in their own language and employing their abilities and their potential, and these will change the face of Yemeni future as promising and bright.
YBC calls the highest authority in the country for immediate response to their demands and bear the historical responsibility before God and before the people and future generations. It also warns against any unilateral action that will result in restricting public freedoms, including the declaration of a state of emergency.