YBC Meers with the chemonics

January 17th, 2016

YBC Meets with the  Chemonics' Representative in Yemen .

Date: 30/4/2014

Day: Wed

Time: 11:00 am



Within the activities of the Yemeni Business Club (YBC) to host International missions, YBC had the honor to meet with Ms. Jordan Sulivan , representative of Chemonics Organization.

Mr.Fathi Abdulwase, Chairman of the Yemeni Business Club ,Started the meeting with a short welcome speech and thanked Ms. Jordan Sulivan for her visit. Then, a fruitful discussion  took place regarding the idea of doing  Job Fairs in Yemen and to what extent they can be useful in creating jobs and helping the private sector to find skilled labor in different majors.

From his side, Mr.Fathi Abdulwase , emphasized YBC's readiness and willingness to collaborate with any initiative in this regard and mentioned his previous  Job Fair participations and how useful was it to recruit good labor in his company.

He also stressed on the importance of spreading awareness  among the private sector  with regard to the Job Fair Idea and the other relevant concepts , such as ( internship , on the job training , apprenticeship,...etc  in order to increase the level of the private sector's participation in such initiatives.

At the end of the meeting , Mr.Fathi abdulwase , Chairman of the Yemeni Business Club(YBC) , thanked Ms. Jordan again for her visit and  emphasized YBC's  readiness and willingness to collaborate with any initiative aimed at creating jobs for youth and attaining the private sector's aspirations, leading to enhancing the Yemeni economy as a whole.

The meeting was attended from the side of YBC by Mr.Fathi Abdulwase , Chairman ; Dr.Mohammed Ismaiel ,Executive Director; Mr.Fawzi Al-Yemani , PR& Projects Officer.