Yemeni  Institute of Directors

November 28th, 2016

Yemeni  Institute of Directors has lunched the founding meeting for preparing  the guide of the small and medium companies in Yemen.

In Yemeni Institute of Directors ,which is one of the Yemeni Business club entities, the  technical team has founded the first private meeting in  preparing the governance guide for the small and medium enterprises in Yemen, and it had been established by a professional group that representing many of the relevant authorities of the governance guide.
In the first founding meeting, Ghadeer Almaqhafi, the projects officer at the Yemeni  Institute of Directors,  presented a brief speech about the Institute and its activities and objectives. In addition, the idea of the guide ​​project has been presented by the executive director of the Institute Mr. Mohammed Ismail Hamanah, followed by discussions of the participants that focused on putting the development of the priorities ideas, dividing the basic stages the draft guide, and proposing the initially roles among the participants. The meeting concluded with useful recommendations for the team in the coming days.
It is worth mentioning that, the project comes as a sharing cooperation between the Yemeni  Institute of Directors and the International Finance Corporation.

Previously, the Institute has published many of similar guides that are related to the private sector.